Do I need planning permission for windows replacements?

In the majority of cases, the simple replacement of windows in domestic properties does not require planning permission, falling under the term of permitted development.

Some situations where you would require planning permission for windows replacements are:

  • You want to create a new opening where there was no window previously.
  • You want to significantly alter an existing opening e.g to make a window bigger.
  • Your property is listed and you want to replace a window with something that is not exactly the same as the original. 
  • Your property is in an article 4 conservation area and you want to replace a window with something that is not exactly the same as the original. 

Do I need planning permission to change the colour of my windows?

As long as permitted development rights apply to your property (i.e it is not listed) then it doesn’t make any difference what the window type is. For example, you can replace timber with uPVC and vice versa, and you can choose whatever colour you wish for your replacements.

The age of the property in itself does not make any difference so long as it is not listed. If you are unsure if your property is listed, you can contact your local council to enquire. They may have an online resource that will be able to tell you.

What happens if I don’t apply for planning permission?

If you replace windows and fail to obtain planning permission if it was required, then this would be classed as a planning breach. In the event of a planning breach, you can retrospectively apply for permission for work already carried out. However, if permission is refused then the local authority can resort to enforcement where they will require the windows to be removed and replaced with something that meets the planning criteria.

Planning permission is an important regulation that aims to keep our built environment harmoniously aligned with its surroundings. In the case of listed buildings, it is particularly important to safeguard the historic character of our villages and towns.

It is important to note that planning permission is a completely separate thing from building regulations, which are covered under the FENSA certification scheme. The granting of planning permission does not mean that the windows comply with building regulations, and similarly, a FENSA certificate doesn’t imply planning approval.

For guidance on whether you need planning permission for windows replacements, get in touch with Andrew Jaynes today.