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Timber sash windows


There is an elegance to traditional sash windows that is unsurpassed. Our windows faithfully maintain the subtle aesthetic details that contribute to this elegance, but offer exceptional performance through enhanced design.

The traditional ‘box’ sash window uses weights, cords, and pulleys to counterbalance the sashes, and we continue to use this method for its reliability and ‘feel’. We also offer Spring Balance sash windows which use a spiral spring mechanism instead of weights, and the reduced size of the frame assembly can be an advantage where space is limited.

One of its standout features is the silky smooth ‘fingertip’ operation of our sliding sash.
A combination of unique design and precision manufacture.



Built to our own design evolved from over a decade of research and refinement, and manufactured with our bespoke tooling by Swiss industry leaders, Oertli.

Precision engineered twin comb joint that maximises the glueing surface giving increased joint strength to cope with the weight of double and triple glazing.

The glazing rebate is positioned internally eliminating the frequent problem of water ingress via the glazing bead joint. The rebate features a 5mm ventilation clearance and drainage ports that prolong the performance of sealed glazing units. Glazing units are sealed with a dual combination of high strength bonding tape and capped with neat bead of MS polymer sealant.

Glazing bars are ‘applied bar’ as standard and the critical external faces are jointed and assembled as an integral part of the sash – Instead of just being stuck to the glass as is often seen. Our applied bar system is virtually indistinguishable from a solid bar and as such is suitable for the majority of historic applications. This system offers improved security and thermal performance whilst maintaining elegantly narrow sightlines. As an alternative we do offer individual pane glazing bar system.

Superior weather and acoustic performance is achieved by a continuous double draught seal gasket which in addition to eliminating the draughts often associated with sliding sashes, also improves the smooth operation.

External edges are radiused to 3mm which is a vital feature in maximising the durability of the paint finish. Sharp edges result in very thin paint coating which is prone to premature paint failure. Sharp edges also cause rainwater to pool whereas radiused edges allow it to run freely away.

All horizontal external surfaces have at least 9 degree slope to allow water drainage. Inadequate drainage results in pooling water which leads to timber deterioration.

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We incorporate single, double and triple glazed. Our ‘standard’ specification is an industry leading 24mm double glazed unit featuring Low E and Low Iron glass leaves; argon gas filled cavity and warmedge spacer bar to achieve centre pane glass value of Ug1.0 which exceeds current Building regulations. By augmenting to Triple glazing we can achieve glass centre pane value of Ug0.5

Options for further enhanced security or noise reduction can be incorporated.


We offer an option of either friction hinges or butt hinges. Butt hinges are a precisely machined from the most robust 316 marine grade stainless steel.

Multipoint locking mechanisms are engineered by Roto Frank of Germany and have options for secure nightvent opening, and a hold-open feature that secures the window in any open position by operating the handle.


Our windows come fully factory finished giving the benefit no decoration on site. Flexible and robust Sikkens microporous coatings prevent trapped moisture which contributes to the failure of traditional oil based painting systems. We can colour match to any paint range and can accommodate two colour finishes and a selection of stain finishes


Engineered European Redwood – The most extensively used timber for window production throughout Europe – Laminated construction reduces dimensional movement.

European Oak – Recognised as a durable timber, suitable where a stain finish is required

Accoya – Offering the best performance for longterm durability, dimensional stability, and minimum maintenance to the paint finish.


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