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There’s an elegance to traditional sash windows. From the sophisticated opening and closing mechanism, to the way the design seamlessly accommodates large panes of glass, sash windows offer something very unique. 

The Victorian’s knew it when they popularised the original sash window, and we still recognise it today, which is why timber sash windows are among our most requested products. 

Andrew Jaynes’ bespoke sash windows faithfully maintain the subtle aesthetic details, offering exceptional performance through enhanced design. 


What are sash windows? 

Developed in the 17th century as a sound alternative to the original casement window, the sash window was created with British weather in mind. Its unique design allows you to control just how far you can open it, keeping the rain out while you ventilate your rooms. 

Today, traditional timber sash windows are as popular as they’ve ever been, especially in the period buildings which line the south east coast where Andrew Jaynes is based. 

Triple or double-glazing for timber sash windows

Roads are getting busier all the time, and with this comes the growing demand for double or even triple-glazed windows. 

Windows are no longer just for keeping warmth and light in, they now need to keep the noise out, and thanks to our commitment to providing sash windows which can accomodate triple or double-glazing, we can deliver just that. 

We keep our ears to the ground so we’re always among the first to hear about the latest innovations in glazing technology. We’re constantly innovating, looking for new ways to incorporate high-performance glass into our sleek designs.

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painted timber windows


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Andrew Jaynes sash windows use an industry-leading 24mm double glazed unit, featuring Low E and Low Iron glass leaves. We’re always looking to go above and beyond standard building regulations with our designs, which is why we use an argon gas-filled cavity and warm edge spacer bar to achieve a centre pane glass value of Ug 1.0, or Ug 0.5 with our triple glazing. 

We understand that only the strongest timber frames can accommodate the extra weight from additional panes. Our precision-engineered twin comb joint maximises the glueing surface, giving an increased joint strength to cope with the weight of double and triple glazing.

With our timber sash windows, we combine the design you want with the performance you need, providing an original sash window that you’re entirely satisfied with — now, tomorrow and always.

A finish to your bespoke sash windows that you can count on

Before they’re fitted, we’ll finish your timber sash windows with flexible and robust Sikkens microporous coatings, which is developed to prevent trapped moisture. We’ll round off any sharp edges to ensure rainwater can run freely off the wood. 

Your windows will only ever leave our workshop when we’re entirely satisfied that they’re robust enough to do the job they were built for. It’s these fine details which will ensure that your sash windows will never let you down. 

Have a particular colour in mind? We can match to any paint range, and accommodate two colour finishes and a selection of stain finishes. 

Andrew Jaynes also offers sliding sash windows, the perfect combination of unique design and precision manufacturing. One of its standout features is the silky smooth ‘fingertip’ operation, which makes for a seamless opening and closing operation. 

Different types of timber sash windows

Box sash window

When you think of sash windows, you’re probably thinking of this. The traditional ‘box’ sash window uses weights, cords, and pulleys to counterbalance the sashes. 

Spring balance sash windows

Spring balance sash windows use a spiral spring mechanism instead of weights, which minimises the size of the frame — great for those smaller spaces. 


Choose Andrew Jaynes… Kent’s leading timber window manufacturer

Make no mistake, your sash windows are built to last, which is why we’re Kent’s leading timber window manufacturer. We’ll never compromise on the quality of our timber, our finishes or the tools we use. We believe that our windows are only ever as good as the effort we put into them, which is why we use precision cutting tools and the finest-quality timber, whether it’s redwood, oak or our beloved accoya. 


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