Learn about Andrew Jaynes

Andrew Jaynes is Kents leading manufacturer and fitter of Accoya timber products


Our ethos is ‘long life and high performance’, as the true test of products quality is in the long term. We focus on quality timber and are dedicated to the joinery journey from design, to manufacture, to installation, in order to increase the faith our customers have in our expertise.


We really appreciate that choosing to use Accoya on your new development, or for existing buildings, is a significant investment and we want you to be confident you have made the right choice. We would love to show you our extensive portfolio, for you to visit our premises to discuss with you in detail, or even put you in touch with our previous customers so you can gain the assurance as to what your experience will be like.

So, to answer ‘Why Andrew Jaynes’, you should use Andrew Jaynes if you want an expert, professional service throughout, and to end up with a high quality, low maintenance product that will last a lifetime.


In the 90s, Andrew Jaynes explored the capabilities of wood and honed his craft after a period of seclusion on a Pyrenees mountainside where the first Andrew Jaynes window was handcrafted.

Since setting up his company in 2004, Andrew has experienced continual growth in the South East and has firmly established himself as one of the most respected joiners in Kent.

Originally based in the South East, Andrew Jaynes has expanded to working with developments nationwide.


High-end, quality, trustworthy, caring and reliable. Those are the words, now here’s what we actually mean:

Accoya is a high-end product, it wouldn’t have the extensive guarantee it does if we weren’t confident in the quality it offers. This makes the product trustworthy and as specialists for this product, you can have faith that we possess the expertise and experience installing and working with these materials.

Andrew Jaynes is built on being caring, from the environmentally friendly Accoya, to the pride we take in every project we carry out. We care about the experience you have because it reflects on the service we provide. We want you to have the confidence to rely on us so we can build a quality and trusted reputation within the industry.


To be the reason you place long term faith in timber windows.

To offer a seamless service to those who prioritise both performance and appearance.

To be trusted and relied upon for new developments and existing homes UK wide.


Even with the perfect product, without the right team to work with it, it’s wasted. Andrew Jaynes is a team of specialists; having a specific focus enables us to be experts in that area. We recognise that traditional doesn’t equal better, so we dedicate time and research to innovative technologies so we are offering the best possible service.

Our team takes the hassle away from you by organising the whole experience from design to installation and resolving any challenges that might occur.

We know the most important thing for our customers is the service they receive. We ensure quick turn-around on quotes and complete knowledge of our products so we can provide sound advice for your specific needs in order to provide a high-quality service. You will never hear us use ‘sales talk’, we don’t want to persuade you into anything you don’t want – we want you to love the product and be assured that we are the best people to handle it.


Please feel free to get in touch by phone or fill the form out below. We look forward to hearing from you.