Timber casement windows Kent

Simple, high-performing and attractive, timber casement windows are a popular choice in properties, both old and new.  

Andrew Jaynes is one of the most trusted casement window manufacturers in Kent. We work to traditional design aesthetics to produce the classic proportions of a flush casement window, something which would have a place in any home. 

We’re true innovators, using the latest technology to create bespoke timber casement windows which work as hard as you do to make your house a home.


What are casement windows?

You may not recognise the name ‘casement window’, but you will have seen these before and you may already have them in your home. Casement windows are attached to their frame via a set of hinges at the side, and can be opened wide for maximum light and ventilation. 

They’re used in a variety of homes, both modern and period, and Andrew Jaynes has the expertise to make sure your timber casement windows blend into any architectural design.

Casement windows are highly-versatile, encompassing small cottage windows to large feature windows and offer maximum security and energy performance for whatever space you have.

Benefits of timber casement windows

Versatile: casement windows can be used in any space, large or small, making them ideal to use in bay windows or french doors. 

Affordable: easy to install, casement windows are among the most affordable windows you can choose for your home. Once installed, the savings keep coming as you’ll spend less on your heating and cooling, thanks to the energy-efficient design. 

Full or partial opening: whether you want to open your windows wide or just enough to allow a breeze in, casement windows adjust to your needs. 

Secure: thanks to the internal locking mechanism, casement windows are among the most secure designs you can get. 

Energy efficient: Our casement windows feature a double weather seal. For you, this means greater energy efficiency and no more draughts.

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Available as triple or double-glazed timber casement windows

Casement windows are among the most energy-efficient windows you can find, and thanks to their flexible design Andrew Jaynes can offer double or triple-glazed casement windows that will maximise the energy efficiency of your home.

Casement window styles

French casement windows

French casement windows can maximise the light in any room, bringing your outside in. Here’s how it works: two or more windows are attached to the wooden frame via a hinge, with no central bar, offering unobstructed views outside. You can open your windows via an easy-to-operate handle on one or both of the windows. 

Single casement windows

Do you have a small room in your home which would really benefit from some natural light? Single casement windows could be a good option for you. 

When size is an issue, single casement windows can provide a space-saving solution. It’s why you’ll normally find single casement windows in bathrooms or toilets, which are typically the smallest room in your home, or to brighten dingy hallways. 

Choose Andrew Jaynes… Kent’s leading timber casement window manufacturer

Andrew Jaynes’ casement windows are renowned for their quality, which is why we’re the leading casement window manufacturer in Kent. We’ll never compromise on the standard of our timber, the time it takes for our finishes or the tools we use. 

Your windows are only ever as good as the effort we put into them, which is why we use precision cutting tools and the finest-quality timber, whether it’s redwood, oak, grandis or accoya

Our casement windows are built to last. It’s why we take the extra time to round-off the edges to prevent rainwater from pooling on your paintwork, and run a 9 degree slope on external sills. At every step of the way, we consider the longevity of your window – after all, this isn’t something you’ll do twice. It’s because of this attention to detail that Andrew Jayne’s windows will remain in place for generations. 


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