We were approached by the homeowner who had recently bought the house. The property, whilst beautifully situated with open views, is highly exposed to the prevailing weather and so required weather proof windows to be fitted to protect it from the elements. The house had been newly built 10 years ago, and yet the original windows were already starting to rot and the doors were functioning very poorly. For the new windows, Accoya wood’s resistance to rot and shrinkage made it an unquestionable material choice here, where the south westerly aspect subjects the house to the extremes of both winter storms and direct summer heat. The owners had previously painted the old windows in farrow and ball shade which they like the colour of, but were concerned about redecorating every couple of years. For the new weather proof windows we used our proven Sikkens microporous finish and matched it to the existing colour, and which was covered by our 10 year Paint finish guarantee. The existing windows whilst double glazed, were of narrow gauge in contrast to the replacement windows which used a top specification 24mm Argon filled unit and all glass was toughened to offer increased security. At our initial meeting, one specific concern for the customer was that they were experiencing a significant leak during storms. During the installation we discovered that this was due to some poor leadwork, which we replaced. The first winter storm following our installation confirmed that we had solved the leak and successfully weather proofed the windows.



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