Having been recommended by the architect on this new design & build project, the requirement was for a timber window that sat comfortably within the traditional building design, but that offered a higher than standard insulation​. The architect specified that the windows must achieve a minimum insulation value of U1.3 which is significantly more demanding than standard building regulations, but that the glazing thickness must be as narrow as possible. Employing our design software which automatically calculates U values, we achieved the result by specifying a triple glazing incorporating narrow cavity filled with Krypton gas. A particular feature of the house design was the intricate brick detail of the bay windows. The challenge presented us was to ensure that the angle of the bay window matched precisely the brickwork, and yet time constraints meant we did not have the luxury of waiting till the brickwork was complete to then carry out measurement. Our solution was to supply a structural bay former that dictated the exact size and angle of the brickwork being built, meanwhile we put the window into production. The resultant fit was exact.



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